Best places to retire in Florida without hurricanes

Best Places to retire in Florida without hurricanes

Florida is an amazing place to retire because of its warm climate, natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and much more. Even so, some people are concerned about retiring in Florida because of the chance of hurricanes damaging their home and endangering their lives. Read on to discover our compiled list of the best places to live in Florida if you want to avoid hurricanes and have a safer place to live during hurricane season.

With beautiful white-sand beaches, warm weather and over 230 days of sunshine a year, it’s no surprise that many people find Florida the perfect place to live out their golden years. Florida has 65,758 square miles of land (22nd largest state) and has the third highest population of any state at over 21 million residents. The four major cities in order of population are Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando. 

When looking for the best cities to retire in Florida it is usually best to avoid the populated metro areas to avoid the high cost of living and higher crime rates. If you are looking for affordable single family homes, then the smaller cities we’ve uncovered offer more affordable options. In many cases these smaller towns are only a short drive to the beach, and in many cases are close to natural outdoor attractions for nature lovers.

Overall, Florida is a very affordable state with no personal state income tax. Statewide crime rates in Florida are below the national averages (in 2020), but can vary depending on the area within the state. Florida has very competitive prices for renting or buying single-family homes, however prices have been going up faster over the past few years because of the state’s popularity. In 2022 the cost of living in Florida is 1% higher than the national average, and housing prices are 2% higher than the national average.

Undoubtedly with all its beauty and affordability, the state of Florida is a perfect location to consider for retirement. On average however, every three years the state of Florida experiences a major hurricane. With the threat of hurricanes real, here are some points to consider when looking to retire in the sunshine state.

What are the major hazards to property that come with hurricanes?

There are three major hazards to avoid that accompany hurricanes that you want to avoid to protect your home and look after your personal safety.

Storm surge – The low pressure created by the hurricane causes an increase in sea level above the normal high tides. This affect is known as storm surge and is the cause for the highest number of casualties and damage to properties from hurricanes. According to FEMA, storm surges have been known to go as far inland as 25 miles. For more information on storm surge check out this storm surge risk map.

Flooding – The large amounts of rainfall that accompany hurricanes can cause flooding, especially in low-lying areas. Flooding can occur in low-lying areas miles from ocean shorelines and is the major threat from hurricanes for people living inland. During hurricane Ian in 2022, inland flooding effected parts of Orlando in the center of Florida. Flood insurance is not always required by mortgage companies and many damaged homes were not insured. Elevation (height above sea level) of a home is important in forecasting impact from flooding Here is a useful tool to determine elevation by address.

Strong winds and Tornados – Hurricane force winds cause damage to homes, trees, and infrastructure. During hurricane Ian in 2022 which hit the southwestern coast of Florida near Fort Meyers, approximately 10 tornadoes were reported as far away as Ft Lauderdale FL on the eastern Atlantic coast.

Avoid the coasts and low-lying areas.

When a hurricane lands in Florida, the large amount of rainfall along with the storm surge and high-water levels, wreak havoc with roads and residences and can endanger people living in those areas. To avoid mandatory evacuations or boarding up your home, avoid low-lying areas around both west coast and east coasts because they tend to be the most vulnerable areas.

When planning a move to Florida, there are many resources available to help you chose a safe location. For example, this map provided by the National Hurricane Center, a part of NOAA shows there most of the major hurricanes have landed over the past 110 years from 1900 to 2010. As you can see from the map, most of the hurricanes hitting Florida coasts have occurred in southern Florida and along the Florida panhandle.

To stay as safe as possible from hurricanes new residents to Florida should consider North, Central, and Inland Florida. These areas have historically experienced the least impact from hurricanes. Avoiding a place directly on the Atlantic coast of Florida or the western Gulf Coast will shield home owners and renters from the strongest winds and storm surge that is seen when hurricanes immediately make landfall.

We’ve compiled a list of Florida cities and small towns that could each be a great place to retire in the sunshine state. We picked a range of communities using a variety of criteria including affordability and low crime rates. This makes this list available to a wide range of household incomes. Each area’s crime rate was considered and a preference was made for areas with a low crime rate so new retirees can have a safe place to live. Despite this, we recommend everyone should independently work to find the ideal place that suits their personal needs. Real estate agents with in depth knowledge of the local area should be leveraged to help find a new home.


Just north of Gainesville, near I-75 lies the vibrant town of Alachua. Known as a nice family suburban area with plenty of space, and about a 20-minute drive from the University of Florida. If you like the outdoor adventure, you’ll like what Alachua has to offer. Just outside of town, you will find San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park. Alachua county offers a variety of fun on the water in the many rivers, lakes and springs. If you enjoy fishing, or cruising in a kayak you’ll have plenty of things to do.

St. Augustine

Just south of Jacksonville on the north Florida Atlantic coast sets the beautiful town of St Augustine. As oldest European settlement in North American, St Augustine was originally established in 1565 by Spanish explorers. This coastal town boasts easy access to miles of beaches, and a vibrant historic old town. St. Augustine’s lies on the north side of Florida’s Atlantic Coast, and despite being right on ocean, the number of hurricanes in this area of Florida is lower than other coastal areas. Being on the ocean does make this area more susceptible to hurricane damage due to storm surge, flooding and high winds.

St. Augustine River Walk

Population 14,400
Crime Rate Above FL and U.S. Averages

Fernandina Beach

If you do like being on the ocean and want to avoid the parts of Florida known to get more hurricane activity, then come stay in Fernandina Beach, the northern most Florida city on the Atlantic coast. Fernandina Beach is on Amelia Island, voted one of the best islands in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler.

The island offers miles of beautiful soft white sand beaches, abundant wildlife and calm, crystal-clear waters. The city of Fernandina Beach offers an amazing array of restaurants, shopping, and nearby golf courses.

Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach FL

Population 13,200
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages


If the Gulf Coast is more your style, then go discover Niceville FL, located along the Florida panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico. Nearby Destin FL has become a popular place for tourism in recent years. Given its endless stretches of white sandy beaches, wonderful fishing, and great shopping, Destin rivals some of the popular cities in south Florida. 

Just inland from Destin is the wonderful community of Niceville, worth a visit and maybe even a long-term stay. Close to Eglin Airforce Base, Niceville offers proximity to beaches, nature trails and the rural northern Florida culture. It does lie on the Gulf of Mexico and is more vulnerable to the affects of hurricanes.

Niceville FL

Population 16,000
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages


If you like the outdoors, then the city of Ocala in central Florida may be for you. Recently called the Horse Capital of the World, it has a large number of thoroughbred farms and training centers nearby. Its proximity to the Ocala National Forest is another outlet for adventure lovers who like to get outside and go boating, fishing or horseback riding.

Ocala Park

Population 64,100
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

The Villages

Florida’s amazing climate and all the amenities of The Villages maybe why it is one of the largest retirement communities in the United States. Started in the 1960’s, The Villages is a master-planned community in the heart of central Florida with a growing population of over 80,000 retirees (+55 and over). If you want to ditch your car and opt for a golf cart, then this is the place for you. Its location away from the coast protects it from the high-winds, and storm surge that accompany hurricanes and tropical storms.

The Villages FL

Population 81,500
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages


If you enjoy an active lifestyle and plenty of water sports, the town of Tavares lies between Lake Dora and Lake Eustis and offers many water activities. In addition there are many trails for hiking and nearby golf courses. Like many wonderful towns in Florida, despite the high quality of life that can be found here, Tavares still boasts a median home value below the national average.

Tavares FL

Population 19,600
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages


On the north side of Orlando, on the shores of Lake Apopka, lies the city of Apopka FL, known for its indoor flora industry. We think you should consider it because of its affordability, charm, shopping, and proximity to many outdoor attractions such as Wekiwa Springs State Park and the Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail, or fishing in Lake Apopka. Northwest Recreation Complex is an amazing 182-acre outdoor sports complex featuring an outdoor amphitheater and hosts local festivals.

Dock at Lake Apopka

Population 55,500
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

Winter Garden

East of Orlando where there were formerly orange groves lies the beautiful town of Winter Garden FL. Winter Garden has the best location and small town feel while being close to the conveniences of Orlando, and the entertainment areas of Disneyworld and Kissimmee. The downtown area hosts a variety of events and an top voted Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the year.

Saturday Farmers Market, Winter Garden FL

Population 46,500
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

Citrus Springs

Closer to the gulf coast and 90 minutes north of Tampa lies the town of Citrus Springs FL. Citrus Springs is an affordable town experiencing rapid growth and with median home prices that are below the Florida and U.S. averages. With plenty of outdoor activities and a small-town feel, it is popular with retirees as well as growing families. Just to the east of Citrus Springs lies Crystal River FL where you can see Manatees up close as they come to bathe in the warm underground springs.

Crystal River, near Citrus Springs FL

Population 9,200
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages


Located halfway between Tampa and Orlando lies the wonderful town of Lakeland FL. The area offers many outdoor activities including Lake Mirror Park with its lakeside promenade and historic amphitheatre and the botanical gardens of Hollis Garden. If you need some beach time, then Clearwater Beach FL is a little over an hour away.

Hollis Garden, Lakeland FL

Population 116,000
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

St Cloud

South of Orlando next to East Lake Tohopekaliga lies the town of St Cloud FL. If you are looking for a small-town feel, it is getting harder to find in Florida, but St Cloud can offer you a good taste. With a vibrate downtown area, and active waterfront area by the lake, there are many things to keep you busy in St Cloud. Walt Disney World is approximate twenty minutes’ drive to the north. There is a growing retirement community in the area.

Sunset on Lake Tohopekaliga, St Cloud FL

Population 55,000
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

Punta Gorda (Babcock Ranch)

Despite its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico waters and the potential danger from Hurricanes that brings, Punta Gorda is a beautiful town north of Ft Meyers to consider. One notable nearby community that handled the strong winds, storm surge, and local flooding from hurricane Ian is Babcock Ranch. Especially designed to handle hurricanes like Ian, Babcock Ranch made out very well, proving that it is possible to build homes to withstand strong hurricanes.

Babcock Ranch, Punta Gorda FL

Population 50,000
Crime Rate Below FL and U.S. Averages

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How to write a retirement speech

Speaking at a retirement ceremony

How to write a retirement speech

Writing a great retirement speech might seem like a scary proposition, but with the right strategy, you can make it far less daunting. Writing great farewell speeches is not as hard as you may think. Whether it is for a friend’s retirement party or for your own retirement speech, if asked to give a retirement speech, it is a good idea to prepare ahead of time by writing the words down.

Speaking at a retirement ceremony
Presenting at a retirement ceremony
It doesn't take much time to gather information about your friend or colleague's career and personal life. This will help inform your words and ensure you have captured the key points that will grab the audience's attention.

Celebrate the incredible successes!

You might be nervous about writing such an intimate speech and fear coming across as insincere or trite. The most important thing is to speak from the heart. If your speech is coming from the bottom of your heart then it is nearly impossible to fail at writing a good retirement speech with just the right amount of sincerity and respect for your colleague or friend. 

Before beginning the process of writing a retirement speech it is important to consider the purpose of the speech. Are you speaking on behalf of a company, club, or organization, or as a personal friend? Are you giving an introduction to the retiree or are you giving the main farewell address? Once this is understood, you can begin to craft your retirement message.

The key is keeping it short and sweet (around ten minutes), speaking from the heart, using personal anecdotes rather than general facts, and focusing on what matters most: the person leaving and their contribution to the organization or team.

Thanking them for their hard work on their last day and offering good luck and best wishes are important elements of the speech. This may well be the last opportunity that coworkers have to offer their well wishes, say goodbye, wish their retiring colleague a happy retirement, or find out about their future retirement plans over the coming years.

What Makes a Great Retirement Speech?

A heartfelt speech captures the essence of the person and their achievements. It celebrates their career, the special moments they’ve had along the way, and their positive impact on others. It also gives everyone a glimpse into the person behind the achievements. A memorable retirement speech will be talked about for years to come as a true testament to the greatness of the honored person. Here are some tips to help you write a speech that encapsulates all the elements and ensures your send-off does the occasion justice.

Keep in mind the audience you address

Formal retirement ceremony
A formal retirement ceremony

Before you begin writing, think about the audience you’re talking to. You’ll want to write something that will resonate with them and send the right message about the retiree. You may have worked with the person for years or have only met them recently. Maybe you have a pre-existing relationship or not know well them at all. Regardless, you should still write with the perspective of the person you’re addressing.

If you’re unsure of your relationship with the audience, write from the retiree’s perspective.

Gather information

As a starting point begin looking for content ideas by meeting with the retiree, a coworker, or staff member who knew them well and may have stories with personal details to make give the speech a personal touch. You can also learn more by asking family members about their achievements outside of work.

By doing this well ahead of time before you begin writing, you’ll have much more content to work with and a lot of time to create a wonderful retirement farewell speech. This will also help guide you on what to speak about and how to weave their story into the speech.

Including hobbies and discussing life after retirement are enjoyable topics of a well-crafted retirement speech

Learn the Special Qualities of the Person and get some anecdotes

Once you’ve gathered as much information as possible about the person, you should try to identify the qualities and characteristics that make them unique. This will help you highlight their achievements while also giving the audience a glimpse into the person they’re honoring. You can do this by weaving in a short story or two about the retiree. 

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

Fred Rogers
The prospect of a happy retirement brings a smile to many.

Prepare with a framework

The best retirement speech should be tailored to the person you’re honoring and it’s helpful to work from a basic framework. This will allow you to plan your speech and ensure you don’t digress too much or lose focus. It also helps if you have a solid conclusion to the speech, so the audience knows what you’re trying to say and why. Here are some topics you could focus on in your speech: 

  • The person’s career achievements 
  • Things the person has taught you
  • The person’s personality and character
  • The person’s contribution to the community 
  • Advice for the retiree’s future
  • The person’s legacy

Organize Your Thoughts By Writing Them Down

Whether you choose to outline your speech or not, you should definitely write down your thoughts and ideas while they’re fresh in your mind. Doing so will help organize your ideas and make it easier to put them all together when the time comes. Use index cards to jot down key points, quotes, and anecdotes that you can easily refer to when giving the speech. This can also help you identify any holes in your story or areas you need to expand on.

Keep it short — but not too short

Making your retirement speech too long is a common mistake, but it can also be avoided. You want to use the right words to say everything you want to say about the person, but you also don’t want to go too long. A good rule of thumb is to keep it under ten minutes. This gives you enough time to say what you need to but also avoids the speech becoming too long and the audience losing focus.

Add Some Humor (If Appropriate)

Humor is a tricky subject when it comes to writing a retirement speech. While it’s not strictly necessary, a funny line can help make the speech more memorable. It can also help lighten the mood and ease the tension. It’s important to use the right amount of humor. You don’t want to overdo it but adding a few jokes or funny story can help make the speech special and something thing that will be remembered fondly.


It’s easy to write a speech on the fly and get lost in the moment. However, you want to ensure you’ve rehearsed your speech a few times before delivering it at the event. This will help you avoid mistakes and make your speech more polished and natural. Finally, don’t forget to proofread your speech before you give it. This can help you catch any mistakes or areas you need to expand on. It would help if you also practiced reading the speech aloud multiple times to be comfortable with it when the day comes. Using simple sentences and speaking with a loud voice will enable any group of people from all backgrounds enjoy your keynote speech.

Get Feedback

It is always wise to seek advice from someone before you give a big speech. It is especially important to seek advice from someone who knows the retiree well, such as close friends, or someone they’ve known during their years of service. Your address will flow more smoothly if you seek feedback from someone else, and you don’t risk saying something inappropriate or putting your foot in your mouth. You should still seek input even if you know the retiree well and are close to them. A second opinion will help you fine-tune your speech so that it is just right.

The Delivery

The audience pays attention to verbal and nonverbal cues when you give a speech. Those things contribute to the audience’s experience while listening to you. Here are some suggestions to assist you in delivering a good speech:

  • Stand upright: The audience pays attention to your body language when you give a presentation. An upright posture conveys confidence and makes it easier to engage the audience.
  • Maintaining eye contact with your audience while you speak is important to appear engaged. However, looking at one person for too long may make the audience uncomfortable.
  • Your notes should be used for cues when delivering a speech. For example, it may seem as if you hadn’t prepared for the occasion if you read the entire speech from a paper.
  • It is easier to pace your speech when you are relaxed and calm. It also helps the audience understand every word you say.
  • It is essential to be audible when addressing a large crowd. If you speak clearly, with good volume, It can help the audience engage with you.
  • If you get stuck, improvise. Just share how you feel, and don’t panic
  • Using simple hand gestures or displaying emotions through laughing and smiling is a great way to engage your audience and appear honest with your words.
  • Thanking the audience for listening helps end the talk well. You may also want to reintroduce the day’s masters of ceremony to transition into the next segment.
Military retirement ceremonies filled with pomp and circumstance

In Summary

A retirement speech is a special occasion that should be celebrated. It is an opportunity to thank the person for their contributions and achievements and wish them well in the future as they start a new beginning.

Being asked to write and deliver a retirement speech is an honor you shouldn’t take lightly. However, with the right strategy, writing a great speech is far from daunting and not as hard as you might think. With some research, information gathering, and organization, you’re guaranteed to write a memorable speech that the audience will love.

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